In 2012, Sarah graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor of Arts in communication and a minor in world cultures and literatures. After graduation, she worked at the UTHealth School of Biomedical Informatics as a communications specialist until accepting the sustainability manager position at the University of Houston. One of the most notable achievements for campus sustainability under her leadership was receiving the first AASHE STARS gold rating at a Texas institution of higher education.

Sarah recently moved to Corvallis to pursue a master’s degree in environmental arts and humanities at Oregon State University. She is funded as a Graduate Research Assistant in Forest Ecosystems and Society. At OSU, Sarah is working with Michael Nelson and focusing her research on the new discovery trail program at the H.J. Andrews Forest.

Sarah is a certified Texas Master Naturalist and Master Composter. A Houston native, Sarah enjoys outdoor activities like rock climbing, hiking and biking as well as exploring new places and trying new cuisines. Visit her portfolio for a few examples of Sarah’s design work. Watch some of Sarah’s interviews on her YouTube channel or read her latest thoughts on the OSU Environmental Arts & Humanities blog.

“Discovery of the unique, awe-inspiring organisms and relationships in nature is on-going. We, humans, have the unique ability to contemplate our place in nature. We have a responsibility to act as empathetic members of the biotic community, doing so is to challenge what we consider necessity. We must reduce harm to other living things for the greater good—not just for our global society, but for the globe.” – Sarah Kelly