Sarah is currently seeking clients and employment opportunities in conservation and environmental education, outreach and communications. In 2012, Sarah graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor of Arts in communication and a minor in world cultures and literatures. After graduation, she worked at the UTHealth School of Biomedical Informatics as a communications specialist until accepting the sustainability manager position at the University of Houston. While leading the UH sustainability initiative, Sarah sparked a social awakening for students, faculty and staff to embrace pro-environmental behaviors and ensure current and future generations can meet their needs. She pursued a master’s degree in environmental arts & humanities—and graduated from the program in June 2018—to challenge the status quo of environmentally destructive and inhumane practices. During her graduate career, she studied under and collaborated with notable environmental ethicists, historians, writers and changemakers.

Sarah believes in the power of idealism paired with action. Her work seeks to enhance diversity, equity and inclusion in environmental fields and empower people from all walks of life to lead environmentally and socially responsible lives. She has extensive experience and skills in project management, event coordination, digital and print media, public speaking, outreach, and education. View her resume for more about her professional experience and her portfolio for a few examples of Sarah’s design work. Watch some of Sarah’s interviews and presentations on her YouTube channel, or read about her graduate experience on the OSU Environmental Arts & Humanities blog. Additional materials are available by request.

“Discovery of the unique, awe-inspiring organisms and relationships in nature is on-going. We, humans, have the unique ability to contemplate our place in nature. We have a responsibility to act as empathetic members of the biotic community, doing so is to challenge what we consider necessity. We must reduce harm to other living things for the greater good—not just for our global human society, but for every being in our global community.” – Sarah Kelly